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Portimmo had the chance to participate to a Belgium TV show in 2021 on www.Goplay.be

With “House hunters abroad”.

In these four episodes you can see how Portimmo had to present four different properties al over Portugal. I am grateful for the opportunity and that I have met nice new colleagues.


  1. Dirk and Magda now live in Spain, but they would like to live permanently in the beautiful Algarve region in Portugal. They are looking for a large, modern villa with a swimming pool. The couple wants a bedroom on the ground floor at all costs. Budget: 800,000 euros.



  1. Harold and his son Viktor from Wetteren are looking for an extra holiday home in a surfing paradise because Viktor is an avid surfer. Budget: 160,000 euros.



  1. Today we are going to Portugal's Silver Coast to look for a nice holiday home for Annick, Toon and the children.



  1. The successful Antwerp businesswoman Fatima wants to open a B&B on the Silver Coast. She would like to be able to rent out seven rooms, but for herself she mainly needs space for her large wardrobe. Fatima goes house hunting alone but keeps her boyfriend informed by phone. Budget: 400,000 euros.